Frequently Asked Questions


The following are frequently asked questions by our construction cost estimating software users.


Q: Can I distribute the estimator file to others in my organization?

A: Each estimator is licensed for installation and use in one computer or workstation. Therefore, it is illegal to distribute to others.




Q: When I start any PowerEstimator software program with Excel, I do not see the menu inserted among the standard Excel menu system. Why?

A: Depending on your Excel version, here's what to do.


For MS Excel 2000/03 Users:

Because your macro security is set to "High". Excel's "High" level macro security will not allow Excel macros to run on the computer. The standard setting is "Medium". If your setting is at "High", you should switch to "Medium" security in order to run the Estimator.

To change level of security:

> In the Tools menu, point to Macro, and then click Security.

> Click the Security Level tab, and then click the option you prefer.

Excel's "Medium" level macro security warns users when files with macros are opened. At this point, click on "Enable Macros" button. When PowerEstimator opens, the program menu (such as PowerGeneral) will be inserted among the Excel menu system between "Window" and "Help".


For MS Excel 2007/19 Users:

When you start the program, Excel security warning that says "Some active content has been disabled" will appear. Click on "Options" button next to this warning, then select “Enable This Content” and click OK.

This will allow the program to run on MS Excel 2007/19. When PowerEstimator opens, the program menu (such as PowerGeneral) can be accessed by clicking on Excel's "Add-Ins" menu.


Q: When I attempt to start the program, I get a message that says: "25-character key required"?

A: This message does not come from PowerEstimator but it comes from Microsoft Excel program. You have an MS Excel that is in the Trial mode. If you believe you have purchased the registered edition of Excel, than you will have a CD-ROM and in the back of it you will find the 25-character key. If you have a Trial edition of MS Excel, then you will need to purchase the registered edition in order to run PowerEstimator programs.


Q: When I open the estimator, Excel says macros which may contain viruses. What should I do?

A: This is a standard Excel warning that is issued whenever program code (macro) is present in the Excel file. You should click on "Enable Macros" button and proceed. Because PowerEstimator software contains extensive program code built-in, if you disable macros, then you will not be able to run the estimator successfully.


Q: Is there a User Manual supplied with the program?

A: Yes. User Manuals in text format (rtf) are available in the Installation Folder of the corresponding program. The default Installation Folder locations are identified below.


Q: Where is my Installation Folder?

A: By default, the following are the Installation Folders locations under your computer's C drive.


Package name Default installation Folder
Construction Pro C:\PowerEstimator Construction Pro
Remodel Deluxe C:\PowerEstimator Remodel Deluxe
Paint Contractor C:\PowerEstimator Paint Contractor
General Contractor C:\PowerEstimator General Contractor
Remodel Contractor C:\PowerEstimator Remodel Contractor


Q: Using General Contractor, when I insert cost items in my database should I also add a costcode?

A: This is not necessary but highly recommended. Because, with an attached costcode, the cost item may be sorted and uniquely defined.




Q: With PowerEstimator software programs, how can I customize the "Quote" report that goes to my client?

A: There are 2 ways. One is to edit the source data in the "Quote" worksheet. You may edit highlighted cells. The second way is to edit the final report. After edits, simply print on printer and send to your client.


Q: How can I find out about new products and updates?

A: Visit our Updates page and check out the available updates for the current year. You can also order upodates on this page for online download.


Q: How often are updates issued and how much does it cost to receive them?

A: Updates are issued annually typically in December for the upcoming year As updates become available, they will be announced and offered to registered users as download files from this website. An update fee shall be applicable.


Q: Where can I purchase PowerEstimator software titles?

A: PowerEstimator Construction Pro, Remodel Deluxe and Paint Contractor software titles are available to the public at selected Staples, Office Depot and OfficeMax stores. Each title is also available for purchase on this site delivered as online download.