News announces 2019 Updates for Their Popular PowerEstimator Series of Construction Estimating Software

Jacksonville, FL – January 4, 2019 -, a provider of productivity software for construction since 1986, today announced 2019 updates for their popular MS Excel based PowerEstimator series of construction cost estimating software for Excel.

The updates include new and improved features, functions, usability and reporting in addition to cost data updates reflecting changing material and labor pricing in today’s challenging economic conditions. Help system, User Manual and Step-by-Step tutorial have also been completely reworked to achieve a seamless and productive software experience. The new and improved updates list also includes:

  • Sales Tax application and reporting

  • New detail reports

  • New quotation reports

  • Renamed reports from generic to descriptive labels

  • Added new cost data for decking, demo, structural and others

  • Updated Help system

  • New Video Tutorial for easy learning

And more…

 "Creating an accurate and reliable construction cost estimate has always been difficult and time-consuming; and yet, it is an absolute necessity for the success of the project." said L. Sert, Head of Industry-Specific Applications for “In order to streamline the process and give a distinct competitive edge to the estimator, we chose to base our popular cost estimators on the world-renowned productivity tool, Microsoft Excel”.

 He added: “A truly effective cost estimating solution must be:

1. Based on a full understanding and methodology of the general construction industry

2. Easy to implement while saving time and providing accuracy you can trust

3. Able to provide essential localized pricing along with flexibility and customization

This is what we totally achieved with our year 2019 update.”

Hands-on testing has indicated that the updated program painlessly creates modifiable cost estimate reports based on point and click selections. The system contains several worksheets containing user modifiable cost data for cost categories covering all construction activities. A user simply has to select from the Lookup screens, thus eliminating the risk of missing important cost items for inclusion in the estimate.  


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